The Main Concept Of “Jigsaw Viewing“ In Listening

Jigsaw listening is the term popularized by Marion Geddes and Gill Sturtridge  to describe an acitivity in which different students get different  information from different passages which they then have to share in order to perform some kinds of task in other words three students may each listen to a taped  conversation.   The conversation, they  listen to is different, in each case this giving each student  a different     piece  of the jigsaw. The students then join together. In many ways the idea is similar to the using of video. In this way, we let half the class , watch without sound and the other half hear without picture. They can then compare notes and built a complete picture of what happened  before watching the video with both picture and sound.
A variation of this is for half the  students to sit with their  backs to screen while video is being shown. When the first half then watch the video  they can see how accurately it has been described to them.

Some Hints and Suggestion For Making Jigsaw Listening

  1. The material is designed  so that the teacher need not to be the instructor of the class  but can become the leader of the class.
  2. As instructor the teacher provides a model for the students to copy and to correct them when they make mistakes.
  3. The teacher is manager and must resist the temptation to interrupt and to correct.
  4. The material is designed to give students the opportunity to communicate.
  5. When the English teacher present their video as a media  in teaching listening, they must be sure that the film based on the students level and related to educational value

The Stage of Presentation

Divide the class in to two or three groups.
Tell the students that each group is going to do a different activities. One group will be going to listen
Ask the students to look at the worksheet. Make sure that they understand what is written on the worksheet.
If your students are in lower intermediate class put the names of the speaker on the blackboard.
Tell the students that when they have finished listening they should check their worksheet with the other members of their group.


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